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Growing ferns from spores
Rens Huibers en Ben van Wierst

What surprised me quite a bit, when asked just a few members grow ferns from spores. In my opinion it's not that difficult to grow ferns that are common in our climate zone.

What fern Species are these? Take some Dryopteris, Athyrium, Polystichum species and several species of Asplenium. With a little patience you can grow a lot of them.

Make sure you read about the habits of the fern you want to grow and if it is already growing in your garden and want somemore, it will be a ensured success.

At first spores are collected, read the articlele Collecting spores

Below you see step for step what is required for the successful cultivation of ferns.

1. The basis can be a regular potting soil.

2.Use of a transparent container wit reusable cover.

3. Clean the container and cover well.

4. Fill the container with 2 to 4 inches of soil.

5. Moisten the soil, don's soak it.

6. Use a spoon to compress the soil.

7. Place the container in the microwave and
heat for 3 minutes on maximum.


8. Let the soil cool with the lid on and open
your spores package.

9. Sprinkle a small amount of the spores on
the cooled soil.

10. Close the container immediately after sowing.


11. Always write the name of the fern on the
container and date of sowing.Place the container
on a light place out of direct sunlight.

12. After a few weeks to months, we see a green
layer appear, those are the prothallia (cotyledons).

13. If the leaves are approximately 5 mm.then
spray with sterile water.

14. With a magnifying glass you can clearly see
the prothallia.

When the cotyledons are approximately 1 inches in size than start hardening (hardening is slowly accustoming plants, grown under glass, to outdoor conditions).
When the seedlings are about 2 inches high, they can be transplanted .